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Are you searching for a dedicated, compassionate eviction attorney in Broward County? The MacSim Firm provides unparalleled services to its clients dealing with Immigration, Bankruptcy, Eviction, Divorce/Family and Estate Planning legal issues.
When it comes to dealing with complicated legal proceedings, hiring a knowledgeable attorney can help you quickly find resolutions to your problem. Our attorney provides the most appropriate advice tailored to your specific problem. To learn more about our firm and services, please click on the Areas of Practice link at the top of the page.




The eviction process can be very technical. If you do not prepare and serve all your notices properly, and if proper procedures are not followed, your case can either be thrown out of court or significantly prolonged. Don’t let this happen to you!
This is truly the most helpful service you could have to protect your property, protect your investments, and protect yourself. With one call to our office, we can detail a customized legal plan for eviction proceedings that puts less stress on you and allows you to get a fresh start with a new tenant in your property.Call us today at (561) 899-8184, we are here to help.


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Immigration laws can be extremely complex and perplexing. Our experienced Immigration attorney can assist clients in need of immigration legal services. The MacSim Firm represents clients dealing with all facets of family based immigration, including but not limited to: I-130, I-485, N-400, I-129F, I-90, expired green cards, visa overstay issues, consular processing, criminal waivers, deportation defense. We use specialized questionnaires to gather all required information in a simplified way. Call us today at (561) 899-8184, we are here to help.





If you are plagued with bad debt, our bankruptcy attorney in Broward County is here to provide you the most specialized legal assistance to manage your debt. First, we assess your debts and create a customized bankruptcy plan that fits your financial problem. In addition, we also provide legal advice for people facing credit card debt, creditor harassment, debt consolidation scams, home foreclosures, repossessions, bank levies and wage garnishments. Call our office now at (561) 899-8184. We are here to help.



We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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