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An uncontested divorce occurs when the couple agrees on all issues required to conclusively and effectively terminate their marriage. There are no issues that are disputed or unresolved. All disputed issues between the couple can be settled out of court.

Most couples would probably express a preference for uncontested divorce because of its speed, simplicity, convenience, privacy, and inexpensiveness. The efficiency and cost savings of uncontested divorces are the major advantages highlighted by most divorcing couples.

When an uncontested divorce case involves a couple with a minor child or children, the parties must agree as to the child’s care, custody, visitation. In addition, an award of child support will have to be addressed and settled.

If the attorney has to intervene to help resolve any disputed issues, the divorce becomes a contested divorce. A contested divorce is subject to additional fees & costs.


2. Download, Complete and Fax the Financial Affidavit form to 561-536-3031 or Email to

Finanical Affidavit – Income under $50,000 per year
Finanical Affidavit – Income over $50,000 per year

3. A member of our staff will contact you to review your submission.
4. Make your payment. From $899 no children. From $1,099 with children. Payment plans available.
5. We will complete the divorce forms.
6. We will email you the forms to sign and mail back to us or you will come to our office to sign the documents.
7. We will then file the documents with the Court.
8. An attorney will appear on your behalf at your final hearing.

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