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Many attorneys charge $2,500 or more, plus court fees and costs for the same service.
You will receive experienced attorney representation at an affordable cost.


*Flat fee package includes Attorney representation, pre & post credit counseling courses, credit reports and court filing fee. All Included! Some restrictions may apply.

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If you are dealing with a financial crisis and you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you need an experienced lawyer to help you answer the difficult questions. Those of you that are new to bankruptcy law may find the legal process quite daunting. Don’t let this stop you from achieving a better financial future. At The MacSim Firm, you will receive personal, direct service from a licensed Florida attorney. Our attorney will personally help you through this complicated process.

1. Schedule a FREE initial attorney consultation – During your free initial consultation, an Attorney will meet with you to discuss and analyze your debts troubles. The Attorney will provide immediate feedback and a preliminary estimate of how much you can expect to pay, including all required court costs.
2. Collect your paperwork
A second meeting is scheduled to obtain your information and documents. Using your submitted information, we will prepare your Petition for your review and signature. It usually takes just a few days to complete, but in emergencies we can react in hours.
3. Review your petition
At your third appointment you will sign your Petition. Once signed, we will file your case with the court and keep you informed throughout the process.

For many Americans overwhelmed by debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a powerful tool for getting you back on track and it is the highly preferred choice. Nearly 65% of all U.S. consumer bankruptcy filings are Chapter 7 cases.

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?With this type of bankruptcy, an individual petitions the court to discharge most of their remaining debts. The debtor has the right to keep certain property that is essentially off-limits “exempt” to their creditors. In exchange for Chapter 7 protection and subsequent discharge, the trustee can take any property you own that is not exempt from collection, sell it, and redistribute the proceeds to your creditors.Who can file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 is not available to everyone, and it is important to understand what specific requirements make an individual eligible to file. Debtors are required to pass a financial means test in order to be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 is best suited for people who?
Have very little income.» Debtors are required to pass the means test in order to be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
» The MacSim Firm can assist you with this process.


Have very little property.

» Because Chapter 7 allows for the liquidation of some of your property to pay off debt, Chapter 7 is better suited for individuals with less property to lose.
» Certain property can be protected under state law, however in general, Chapter 7 offers less protection for your property than Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Have large amount of unsecured debt.

» Chapter 7 Bankruptcy works quickly to dissolve unsecured debts such as medical and credit card bills.
» Under Chapter 7, some of your assets might be liquidated to pay off these debts.
» Once your case has been discharged, all remaining unsecured debts will be eliminated.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a powerful tool for dealing with overwhelming debt.

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In addition to helping clients file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we also provide legal advice for people facing credit card debt, creditor harassment, debt consolidation scams, home foreclosures, repossessions, bank levies and wage garnishments.

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